Birmingham Blue Hour

Over the last two weeks I have had limited time to get out and shoot other than Tuesday evenings. Fortunately on both occasions I have have been blessed with some great light during my journey home. I recently missed a huge Birmingham sunset and had to make do with some phone images.

I have been making every effort not to miss out again. As I was walking by the library after having worked a little late, it was just coming up to blue hour. I dived into the library and up the stairs to the viewing area and whipped off these three images, with the lighting, moody cloud cover and a scattering of peach from the setting sun.

All taken on the Ricoh GR.

Projects - Clifford Darby 2016

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - Clifford Darby 2016

Another from the library - Clifford Darby 2016

Symphony Hall, Birmingham (Instameet)

Last weekend I was fortunate to be part of a guided tour around Birmingham's famed Symphony Hall organised by @IgersBirmingham. This is something I have wanted to do for some time and it also provided the perfect opportunity to test out my Ricoh 21mm attachment along with my unused Joby Gorrilapod.

The volunteers who provided the tour had loads of interesting facts about the building, from its history to the acoustics of the hall. Here are a few of my favourites;

  • The hall was designed by Percy Thomas Partnership and Renton Howard Wood Levin and completed at the cost of £30 million.
  • Opened by the Queen in June 1991.
  • Maximum capacity 2,262.
  • The is an acoustic canopy which can be raised and lowered above the stage and dampening panels to tailor the 'sound' to the type of music being performed.
  • The entire hall is mounted on rubber cushions.
  • In 2001, a 6000-pipe symphony organ was installed (designed and built by Johannes Klais Orgelbau in Bonn.

After having got lost in the many backstage corridors multiple times I managed to find some great angles for my images.

I edited the below using Lightroom mobile on my iPad.

Symphony Hall (Capacity 2,262) - Clifford Darby 2016

Upper Dampening Panels - Clifford Darby 2016

Hosts Around 270 Events A Year - Clifford Darby 2016

6000-Pipe Symphony Organ

Acoustic Canopy - Clifford Darby 2016

Symphony Hall, Birmingham - Clifford Darby 2016

Ricoh GR ii - Street Test

I take my Ricoh GR ii with me pretty much everywhere. In fact, I use it so much I decided to sell my Nikon DSLR and all of the lenses. Hopefully it won't work out as a big mistake but I'm looking to bank the money and upgrade to a full frame. For the time being I'll be shooting with film or the Ricoh.

Here I wanted to collate some of my favourite images taken throughout August and September.