In Paris

Part one of my 30th birthday celebrations would be to travel with my friends to Paris - we'd be going to watch the famous Paris St Germain play at the Parc de Princes. I knew that there would be a fair amount of drinking involved so I thought I would pack light. Leica M6, multiple rolls of Kodak Portra (400 and 800) and one lens - the 35mm Zeiss.

Here are the lovable rogues I went with, Ross, Steve and Liam.

I'm sure you're aware, Paris has everything, from great bars to superb architecture. I'm certain that if I went with a different bunch of people I'd have witnessed a completely different side of the French capital. In this instance I spent most of my time either a bit squiffy or hungover.

I did manage to get through a lot of film, fortunately I managed to find a small shop directly over the road from the hotel we stayed in that sold some Portra. Below, in no particular order is a selection of images taken during the weekend.

The Saturday was dedicated to the PSG match against Bordeaux. It was great to see them win 2-0 but in all honesty I didn't see much of the first goal. It turned out that we were sat right in the midst of the Parisian Ultras. I managed to escape to the other side of the stairwell leaving my friends for dead. In fairness I did have my camera on me. Take a look at the below slideshow for the hurried images I did manage to capture before fleeing.

On the Sunday, after lots of walking and sight-seeing (via Notre Dame) we headed towards the Eiffel Tower. We timed it well arriving during the late afternoon - things weren't as busy as the could have been. We made it through the queue pretty quickly, grabbed our tickets and heading up the lift. As we arrived at the top the sun was beginning to set. The view was pretty astonishing. Unfortunately I had ran out of film...

I guess some things you just need to see for yourself. The below slideshow is a short photo story of my trip up the Eiffel Tower.

This made the whole day trudging around along with all the waiting in queues worth it. An amazing view of Paris.