From Tokyo to Kyoto

It's taken me a little while to find the time to put this blog together. I'm currently waiting at the airport for my plane to head over to France for a long weekend. With a few minutes spare I thought I'd start putting together a selection of my favourite images from Japan.

Tokyo - Clifford Darby 2017


We stayed in twice during my time in Japan, in both instances we stayed in Shibuya. It's super central and the train station there makes getting about really easy. It's a great area for shopping and few drinks, along with providing some great photo opportunities. 

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo - 2017

Jack Painton, Tokyo - Clifford Darby 2017

Despite its complexity, Japan's railway is one of the most clean and efficient railway systems in the World. Tokyo - Clifford Darby 2017


Probably the best area in Tokyo for photography and (again) drinking from the places we visited. It contains all the recognisable Japanese neon-signage making it a great spot for photography.

Shinjuku Eye, Tokyo - Clifford Darby 2017

Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho, Tokyo - Clifford Darby 2017

Shinjuku Taxi, Tokyo - Clifford Darby 2017


Akiharaba was definitely my favourite part of Tokyo. On Sunday's the main road closes making the sidewalks far less condensed. This is where most of the multi-story games arcades are along with used electronics shops and shops selling anime figures and books.

Akihabara, Tokyo - Clifford Darby 2017

Japan's impact on the video game industry dates back to as early as 1971. Tokyo - Clifford Darby 2017

Akihabara, Toyko - Clifford Darby 2017


Osaka is a pretty trendy place with lots of shopping arcades and narrow side-streets. From the limited time I spent there it had a very different vibe when compared Tokyo. 

Dōtonbori River at night, Osaka - Clifford Darby 2017


The majority of my time in Kyoto was spent either under an umbrella or being bitten by mosquitoes. Don't get me wrong, this was significantly outweighed by how wonderfully a beautiful place it is there. Kyoto is a provides a very different side of Japan but one that felt familiar. Compared to Tokyo it's quite spread out, there's lots to see and do in the region and far more than I was capable of seeing in one rainy day.

Katsura River, Kyoto - Clifford Darby 2017

I had a great time in Japan, I'd love to go back but potentially go either a little further afield or stick exclusively to Tokyo. Who knows!?