Digbeth, Deritend, Birmingham (Instameet)

Digbeth, Deritend, Birmingham

Kicking off the Igers Birmingham 'instameets' in 2017 I'd be joining up with a group of photographers about 100 strong to explore the Deritend area of Birmingham.

This Instameet was organised in conjunction with the Reclaim Photography Festival. This years festival focused on 'reclaiming our cultural landscapes'. Willing particiapants were asked to submit images "which have been influenced or shaped by human involvement, whether through cultural events or by individual personalities".

Despite the weather it was a great opportunity to get out and shoot a part of the city I hadn't previously had the chance to explore in great detail. 

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes - Clifford Darby 2017

Digbeth - Clifford Darby 2017

Deritend - Clifford Darby 2017

Deritend - Clifford Darby 2017