Chinese New Year - Birmingham

The end of January marks my annual trip to the horse racing. This years destination was Cheltenham racecourse. Fortunate as it coincided with the Chinese New Year celebrations back in Birmingham.

I decided to take both cameras with me (M6 and M240) as I was only able to get my hands on one roll of Kodak Portra 800 due to shortages from Kodak. Not the ideal situation to be in, shooting a major event with 36 frames. In typical winter fashion it was wet and miserable but despite this and nursing a hangover I got stuck in with the celebrations.

What was meant to be a colourful selection of images celebrating the Chinese New Year - the year of the rooster - ended up as more of a cross section of New Year celebrations, the people who attended and the local Chinese businesses and restaurants. 

Dragon Dance - Clifford Darby 2017

Traditional Chinese Dancer - Clifford Darby 2017

Traditional Chinese dancers perform to the mayor - Clifford Darby 2017