March for Homes, Health, Jobs, Education, London.

It was time to put the Leica M6 through its paces with some photojournalism. Central London during the demonstration was a strange mix of locals, demonstrators and tourists, as a result I got some very strange looks while taking pictures. 

I didn't witness any trouble which was good at least, although I did see that many of the nearby stores had a significant security presence. I don't doubt there may have been one or two 'opportunists' there - I saw some loading their bags with beer while wearing V for Vendetta (Guy Falkes) masks.

Half Frame - Clifford Darby 2016

I stuck with using Kodak 400TX for the duration of the march but I did shoot a roll of Portra 400 when I popped over to Soho for lunch. Unfortunately I opened my camera to reload before actually rewinding the film - I must still have been a little hungover. 

I feel that my pictures show a few different sides of the March.  

Police watch over the demonstrators - Clifford Darby 2016

Slightly Concerned - Clifford Darby 2016

Homes Not Trident - Clifford Darby 2016

A Demonstrator - Clifford Darby 2016

Campaign For Justice - Clifford Darby 2016

Vantage Point - Clifford Darby 2016

A young demonstrator joins the procession - Clifford Darby 2016

Unite - Clifford Darby 2016