Ricoh GR ii - Street Silhouettes

I finally made the plunge and bought myself (at a great price) the Ricoh GR ii. I decided that I 'needed' something compact and convinient. There really is no excuse not to have it on me all the time.

The Ricoh has rich customisation possibilities but once everything is configured how you want - it's actually incredibly easy to use. It's great to have something with a crop sensor stuffed into my jacket pocket, ready to rock at any moment!

Here are some images taken during my daily commute. I notice that it handles light brilliantly and gives a lovely grainy analogue aesthetic when used at higher ISO.

Waltz your way from A to B - Clifford Darby 2016

Platform 4 - Clifford Darby 2016

Onwards - Clifford Darby 2016

Leaving Grand Central - Clifford Darby 2016

Piccadilly Arcade - Clifford Darby 2016